10 Reasons to Attend the 2017 CbVMA Conference in Kingston, JAMAICA

Attending the conference IS a win-win situation for you. If you are still in doubt, here are 10 reasons why attending the 2017 CbVMA Conference in 2017 will not be a loss:

1. Life is shorter than you think. If once a year you can’t afford to spend 3 or 4 days away from the daily grind of your job, then death, when it comes, will be a relief!

2. Continuing Education. In Jamaica, and soon in other Caribbean countries in order to get an “annual practicing license” you will be required to have a certain number of approved continuing education credit hours each year. Almost all the other medical professions already require this. Apart from that, continuous learning is what makes us the professionals that we should be. Over 20 hrs. RACE approved CE credits can be obtained at the CbVMA conference.

3. Internationally recognized speakers. We’re bringing them here. Our speakers include over ½ a dozen professors and plenty of Board-certified veterinary educators in the various disciplines.

4. Meet your clients. We won’t be just veterinarians at the conference. The sessions have been constructed in such a way so we can invite “focus groups” to attend. We are expecting for relevant sessions, technicians, farmers, trainers and breeders, extension officers, veterinary practice managers, fish folks, people working with marine mammals, etc. Don’t let them update you on what’s new!

5. Keynote address. Dr Mitsie Vargas, clinician, publicist and certified TCVM is giving the keynote address. She is an excellent speaker who knows a lot about ‘Moving Veterinary Medicine Back to Basics and Beyond’. Not to be missed!

6. Something for you. We are covering all the major fields in veterinary medicine. Small animal, equine, production medicine, poultry, public health, practice management, aquatic animal medicine, animal welfare, One Health and introducing apiculture. As a matter of fact, never before in Jamaica has such a spectrum of veterinary talent been assembled for a veterinary gathering.

7 .Exhibition Area. Companies like Merck, Idexx, Abaxis, Purina, Jamaica Broilers, Caribbean Broilers, T. Geddes Grant, Rainforest, Fidelity and many more will be there showing their wares. Get special conference deals on your supplies. Get to know your suppliers.

8. Value for money. Nothing is cheap today, but this 2017 CbVMA represents excellent value for money. From veterinary topics to management wellbeing and finance talks.

9. Hugs. Whoops of joy at seeing friends, classmates from previous years, from college. II’s sweet bliss to be together again. Hugs. Smiles. Friends.

10. Socializing. Yes, there's time for that! Positioned on the ‘Hip Strip’ in Kingston there will be events and places to go and on Thursday (Serengeti @ the Zoo). Food and first class entertainment!

So don’t waste any more time.

Go to www.cbvma.org for more information and the registration form, or call our Conference Coordinator on 1(876)446-0697.

Don’t miss this event!

2017 CbVMA Conference Adapted from the 2010 Graham Brown Memoirs (A Very Tired Conference Chairman)